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So Silver Triple Power Toning Hair Mask for Blonde and Silver Hair (Total Results)

So Silver Triple Power Toning Hair Mask for Blonde and Silver Hair (Total Results)

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Neutralizes warmth in blonde hair, enhances silver tones in grey & platinum hair.-6.8 fl 


  • Total Results So Silver Deep Conditioning Toning Hair Mask thinks like a toner and conditions like a deep treatment, customizable to enhance all blonde hair and grey hair to a cool toned finish.
  • Take your toning to the next level with the So Silver Triple Power Mask. Brighten and banish unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair, add beautiful silver tones to platinum hair, or turn your grey into a stunning silver hair. Spectacular conditioning will leave hair feeling silky smooth and progressive technology gives the option to tone to your desired effect.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizable toning
  • Deep conditioning treatment leaves hair silky smooth
  • Repairs damage from color treated hair
  • Highly depositing concentrated dyes
  • Enhances blonde hair and grey hair

How To Use:

Use 1-2x per week not in combination with So Silver Conditioner

  1. After using Total Results So Silver shampoo, wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair and comb through for even distribution
  2. Avoid scalp area and leave on for 3-5 minutes depending on desired neutralization. 3 minutes for subtle neutralization, 5 minutes for maximum neutralization.
  3. Rinse out.

It is not recommended to use the mask every day because of its highly pigmented formula.

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